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Rise with Rook creates revolutionary tattoo machine technology that include products like the Rook quill, Rook Disposable Pen (dubbed "The safest tattoo pen in the world"), Rook Disposable Grip Cartridges, Rook "Talon" Cartridge Needles, Rook Hybrid Cartridge Needles, Rook Solo power supply, and the Rook Wave Switch

Rook Product Warranty Information:
Your New Machine Has A One Year Warranty Against Any Manufacturing Defect From The Date Of Purchase Extended To The Original Purchaser. Removal Of The Motor Or Tampering With The Internals Of The Machine In Any Way Will Void All Warranties Expressed, Implied, Or Written. It Is Important To Note That Your New Rook Machine Has Been Sized To Accept Cartridges That Meet The Cheyenne Standard. Any Damage Caused By A Cartridge That Is Not Of This Standard Will Not Be Covered Under Warranty. Should A Cartridge Become Stuc,k Remove The Grip From The Machine Before Force Is Applied To Protect Your Machine And Your Investment.

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